Newcastle Ocean Baths

The Newcastle Ocean Baths provided a scenic backdrop for Country Road’s new denim campaign. The campaign, staring Newcastle couple, actress Isabelle Cornish and artist Mitch Revs, was shot by photographer Will Braden.

Country Road’s website features an interview with the happy couple and more gorgeous shots.

How did the two of you meet?

Mitch: “Ahhh, there’s no real romantic story here!”

Isabelle: “Mitch and I grew up in the street just near each other but didn’t get a chance to connect until later down the track when we were both living in different locations. Our friendly neighbour amy did the deed of setting mitch and I up.”

Mitch: “Iz and I had been speaking over Facebook for a couple of weeks. She invited me to a party she had at her place one night, probably assuming that I wouldn’t turn up. It wasn’t until about twelve months later that we actually got together.”

At what moment did you realise you were in love?

Mitch: “Izzy just mumbled under her breath “we still aren’t” and giggled.”

Isabelle: “I think it was when we were a few weeks deep and I couldn’t remember the last time I had been home.”